Our flightsuits is unisex design but we've created a more detailed guide to help you determine what size would work best for you. US standard sizes listed are an approximation to help you make the right choice.

the suit was designed to have a somewhat-tailored fit. if you want your suit to be a baggier fit, consider ordering up a size (especially if you're on the edge between sizes i.e. a 31" waist). we’ve found that most people look good in two sizes, depending on how they want to style it. For example, Jane wears a women’s S when she wants to have a more tailored, fitted look. She wears a M when she wants to style it differently, or when she’s taking a long flight ︎

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We offer 5 customization approaches, outlined below. When you place an order with customization we’ll follow up within 48 hours with next steps, details and timeline.


classic & chic.
1-8 characters embroidered above chest pocket (in a thread color of your choice) [$30]


a nostalgic crowd-pleaser!
1-8 characters; plus pick from a range of thread and patch colors. can go on chest, back or ribcage. [$30]


✨ statement sparkle ✨ we'll email you a quick survey, followed by 3 curated options (from signature sequin inventory!) [$50]


part outfit, part work of art! our signature squiggle design stems from the front pocket and loops in a continuous line around the suit. hand-painted in 1-2 colors of your choice. {$75]


do you fancy something fancy?
this offering includes a 1:1 design consultation and individualized creative approach: ideal for special occasions, weddings, gifts ︎ [$100]


what's more fun than wearing a custom flightsuit? wearing a custom flightsuit with a group of friends. teams, companies, family reunions, bridesmaids, etc! [inquirie via email]